Miss Tickle Rush

Miss Tickle Rush was born under the big top to a contortionist mother and the world's tallest man. Rather than taking first steps, she grand-jetted herself into this world and hasn’t stopped pirouette-ing ever since. While most children grow up playing hopscotch and tag, Miss Tickle  spent her youth swinging from high wires with circus monkeys.  It was only natural then, that years later she would find herself undulating  in the air with her Volary sisters.

When she's not flying, spinning, or bending herself in all sorts of mystifying ways, Miss Tickle Rush finds pleasure in whipping people… into shape, that is. Don’t let her ropes and straps scare you though, she’s actually very gentle. Despite her tender touch, her fellow Vixens will tell you just how down and dirty she can get… in the kitchen, of course! You don’t want to pass up her key lime pie - especially if she feeds it to you one slow bite at a time. One night with her and you’ll experience the rush; a purely titillating surge that will leave you wanting more!