Carolina Storm

Carolina Storm was conceived primly, quietly, and obviously in the missionary position, in a grand dixie mansion in Birmingham, Alabama.  Despite her decent upbringing, she would never fulfill her decorous responsibilities as a proper Southern Belle.  More turbulent and unpredictable than a twister, she skipped her own Debutante Ball, and left town with a passing parasol salesman, never to look back. Enchanted by the neon flash of bright boulevards and scandalous nightclubs, she traded in her ballet slippers for a garter, pasties, and ostrich feather fans.

On stage Ms. Storm dances the line between the genteel, unassuming lady who was groomed through charm school, and the rebellious jezebel whose veins pulse with the sultry heat of a hot southern night. So sit back and enjoy those Mint Juleps; no matter what, this belle will steal your heart.