Madame Love

Madame Love is best known for her heavenly aura and her stunningly bendy back. A woman of small stature, she will surprise you with her disproportionately large heart. She believes in endless possibilities, soul mates, and romance above all else. Her spirit is eternally young and untamed, and forever seeking love. 

This Brazilian beauty will charm your ears with the roll of her tongue; she will stretch your imagination with her contortion-like flexibility; and she will call to your higher consciousness with her devout devotion to the Kama Sutra. Many a man have been hit by Madame Love's cupid arrow. You are invited to enter her aerial ring, but understand that she is a strict pacifist. She insists that her suitors compete peacefully for her heart. Gentlemen, bask in her energy and know that the Madame has enough Love for everyone.