Lady J

Lady J  is a playful little pinup who will steal your heart with the pucker of her cherry-red lips and  the wink of her cat-winged eye. There's only one thing she loves more than being adorned with the finest of clothes and accessories... taking all of them off. It's no wonder that this bombshell was meant for burlesque.

The Lady is best known for her tattoos, her vintage flare, and her always impeccable hair and makeup. The brassy notes of the saxophone cue this Vixen to strut her buxom bootie on stage. Turn the spotlight on Lady J and  you can expect  glitz, glam, and a whole lot of glitter. Her flirtatious nature will lure you in and she will captivate you as she spins high in the air. But it's the drop of her top and twirl of her rhinestone pasties that will make you fall in love forever.