Obsidian Kiss

Obsidian Kiss is the  goody two-shoes of the Volary family - until she throws on her lashes and her spandex! Get her in the right mood and her wild side will make a memorable appearance at any party. A club kid at heart, she is a creature of the night and the wee hours of the morning. Obsidian was a former Olympic gymnast hopeful, who was kicked off the Chinese team in a scandalous controversy involving the horizontal bars. Dishonored and ashamed, the Republic of China threw her out of the country and right into the well-toned arms of the Vixens, who were all too happy to welcome the adulterer into their family.

Although her peculiar aversion to ladders conflicts greatly with her love of big drops, it is just one of the many idiosyncrasies that make Ms. Kiss such a rare gem. The trapeze is her favorite toy, and dress-up is her favorite game... she'll use any excuse to throw on a wig and some fishnets. She is a sucker for true love and fairy tale endings. But for every happily-ever-after there is always a wicked witch, and Obsidian is cunning at playing both parts.